The 23rd BS MoU Port State Control Committee (PSCC23)

Traveling to Constanta / Public Transport

Car - The most popular route is the Bucharest-Constanta A2 highway, which is quite new and in excellent condition. There is a tax of 13 lei (2.7 EUR) to cross the bridge system over the Danube.

Bus - Plenty of buses connect Constanta with the rest of the country. Throughout the day Bucharest bound buses leave Constanta every 45 minutes from the Railway Station starting at 06:00. The trip takes about 3 hours thanks to the newly constructed A2 highway, also called "The Sun's Highway." https://alt-transportpersoane.ro/en/


Train – Bucharest - Constanta railway route is very scenic and goes through the charming city of Medgidia, along the winding Danube River, and passes dozens of beautiful lakes and enchanting forests.

The trains from Bucharest to Constanta run on time and will take you from/to the stations, set right in the city centers the trip takes between 2.5 hours depending on the type of train. They offer great onboard amenities and you are welcome to take advantage of comfortable seats, generous legroom, and more than enough luggage space during your ride to the sunny city of Constanta. For more information on trains and schedules check the website of Romanian Railways. https://www.cfrcalatori.ro/en/

Plane - Constanta has an international airport called Mihail Kogalniceanu Intl. Airport which is about 20 km north-west of the city. Starting with April 2011 Turkish Airlines operates flies to Constanta from Istanbul four times a week. The airport is connected to the city by a special bus which operates 2 times per day.https://www.mk-airport.ro/en

Henri Coanda International Airport is the largest airport in Romania and one of the two important airports in Bucharest. Henri Coandă Airport is located outside the urban area of Bucharest, in the city of Otopeni, Ilfov county. https://www.aeroportul-otopeni.info/index.php?page=arrivals&airport=otopeni&language=en

Public transport - You can use the public transport system. You could take a ticket for 3 lei (0,63 euro), valid for two trips and roam around the city. The public transportation in Constanta contains 18 routes connecting daily the main areas of the city. Also, a good option for a trip is if you take the bus to the Casino and walk down along the port, see the casino and cover all the major attractions (mosque, museum etc.) in the old city part and reach the same point walking, from where you could take the same number bus back to the station.

Tickets can be purchased at the sales points located in the station or by SMS to no. 7475. You can find out more details about the ticket purchase procedure by SMS by accessing the following link: Payment for the CT BUS tickets by SMS https://www.ctbus.ro/plata-prin-sms-en/

Here you cand download the city map: https://www.ctbus.ro/files/HARTA_2019_v7_ctbus_+_trasee_de_noapte_versiune_of_14_05_2020.pdf

Ride- Sharing (Bolt/Uber) Ride-sharing type transport is authorized in Romania. If you want to book such a ride with Bolt or Uber, we recommend that you have to download the dedicated app on your smartphone to be able to order a ride.

Taxi A legal taxi must be painted yellow and must have the fee written with green or black characters on the driver's door. Always insist on starting the meter and try to avoid the cabs with red tariffs right next to the train station who, as in every major city, try to take advantage of tourists. Walk 100 meters from the station and only then wave to a cab. Taxis do not accept credit card payments.

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